Valentina Vasilatou

 I am exploring the interactions between the human mind and body, revealing them in the stories and the costumes I create. I find triggering the idea that people perceive and experience the world in different ways, and I attempt on projecting those differences on my outcomes.

 My goal is to balance out the light and dark elements each character has, in order to create the debate on what is perceived to be good and what is perceived to be bad, and to let the viewer perceive them in his own way. I work by approaching the themes in a symbolic way, using both realistic and magical elements on my creations.

What do you see?

The story is about a Girl who had a very close relationship with her family, having her mother as her role model and the person she looked up to. Unfortunately she lost her mother at the age of 7, an incident that influenced her emotional and mental state. The Girl started depending a lot on her father, who was the only family left for her, becoming her protector, the supportive figure in her life, her rock. The father who could see that the Girl was starting to get depressed and delusional asked for help from a psychiatrist who in the eyes of the Girl was a threat, the person who was invading her life and family. Because of that, the Girl distanced herself from her father and started building up an imaginary world that would protect her from facing the darkness of her real life.

The story takes place in a hospital room, where the Girl, older now, is under hypnosis and the psychiatrist, the 'Evil lady', is trying to unlock memories from the Girl's past. When the psychiatrist wakes up the Girl from hypnosis, she aims on revealing the truth.