Avra Alevropoulou

Avra after completing her studies in Performance Design she will be doing her MA at the Royal College of Art.  She is currently the curator of ArtMoorHouse. She designed 4.48 Psychosis at the Crypt Gallery and also the Finborough Theatre world debut production of A Third (June 2015) and also worked as an assistant designer for the Artangel sight specific performance Have your circumstances changed as well as The Bedbug at the Soho Theatre. Last year she also designed the Bacchae at the Bloomsbury Theatre, NSDF and Touring in Greece. Avra recently designed for the National Youth Theatre as well as design assisting for Dessa Rose, a musical that was nominated for Best Scenic Award at the Broadway World UK award 2014. Avra was also involved in the costume design creation for Scenes of Opera at the Royal Academy of Music. Next she will be designing Circa at the Vaults in Waterloo.



Heiner Muller's Hamlet Machine is a postmodernist drama written in 1979. My design is a response to the the play as we as the East German Communist period before the fall of the Berlin Wall, while at the same time it was majorly influenced by the visual stimuli of the Greek and wider European Crisis. My research and experimentation lead me to the creation of an installation / performative piece made primarily out of concrete.