Scenographer and costumier working within both live and recorded performance. Born and raised in Copenhagen, living and working in London. Background in Art History and curating. Currently exploring visual storytelling for a wide range of art forms: from text and music to choreography and fashion.

 Brave New World 

This staging of a selection of scenes from Shakespeare’s late romances was carried out in concert with director Paul Goodwin, choreographer Liana Nyquist, 20 graduates of the 2015-16 MA Acting at Drama Centre London, set designer Sonia Birman and costumier Laura Albeck. The amalgamation, put together by Paul Goodwin, consisted of segments from "Pericles, Prince of Tyre"; "Cymbeline"; "Winter's Tale"; and "The Tempest". The play was staged at three different locations: The Studio Theatre at Central Saint Martins late March, the Gasholder Park at Kings Cross (later changed to the indoor The Crossing at Central Saint Martins due to unstable weather) late April and finally at The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute in Moscow early May. Because of the final mounting in Russia, it was vital that the design had to be light in terms of weight. The condensed performance was staged in a promenade format attempting to create the confined worlds of the four texts, and via tempo-spatial developments invite audience members to follow the plot physically rather than from a fixed vantage point. 


The "Lady from the Sea" was a production mounted at the Platform Theatre at Central Saint Martins in March 2016, and consisted of a collaboration between Drama Centre London, 8 students from the BA Acting 3rd year, director Jonathan Humphreys, set designer Laura Albeck, costume designer Sonia Birman and lighting designer Matthew Haskins. The play itself was an adaption of Ibsen’s 1888 drama "Fruen fra Havet" into English by David Eldridge. The staging was founded on a conceptual interpretation of the recurrent themes of isolation, encapsulation, and longing, combining the fashions of the late 1940s with a non-realist, gestural set design.