'Blahblahh' Sofia Khan

'Blahblahh' otherwise known as Sofia Khan is an emerging female activist artist, based in London. She is highly engaged with the contemporary, social and political issues faced around the world such as those surrounding ‘Intersectionality.' Her work consists of designs, mixed media, performance art and working with communities. Although her strengths lie in the visual arts and in roles such as lead designer and creative director, Blahblahh believes in remaining as versatile as possible as an artist. Her mission is to educate, raise awarenesses and empower the communities that are seeking social justices. Previously Sofia has collaborated with the English Pocket Opera (2016) and six Special Education Needs schools in London to show performances at Camden Centre as well as other venues (2016), designed costumes for a dance piece shown at the Sadler’s Wells (2016), screened work at the British Film Institute (2015) and Gallery 223 (2015, London), collaborated with London Sinfonietta (2015) as well as designing costumes, lighting and set pieces for Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (2015). She is currently studying in her final year at Central Saint Martins and will be graduating from University of the Arts London in July 2016.



Design for Dance 2015


ASH HAB is a piece that involves 8 dancers who confront the audience with the reality of the war, against the ongoing regime in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The aesthetics and dance both uniform to demand an urgency for peace and unity between the two conflicting settlements. 

Design for Dance 2015

Choreographed by         Jason Mabana.

Organisation                    Rambert School of Contemporary Dance & Ballet.


Design Elements                 Costumes, Lighting and Set. 

Designed by                    Sofia Khan.         


Music                        "Jat Mahibati" by Yemen Blues.


Dancers                         Jason Mabana,     Umut Özdologlu, 

                                        Faye Tan,                Kathy Collins, 

                                        Monique Jonas,    Inês Pinheiro, 

                                        Amelia Cotes&    Elisa Chou Hsieh.


                                       Monica Alcazar-Duarte & Santiago Gutierrez.

Performed at                 Platform Theatre, Central Saint Martins.